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2010 08 Bill GoldenBill Golden’s Career Guide to Intelligence and Defense Jobs

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Some Basics

++ Market Overview – Hot Jobs and Locations

++ Seminars: Defense and Intelligence Careers (Schedule of Events)
—– Spend the day with Bill Golden and discover your next career

++ Entry Level Defense Industry Jobs – Finding Open Doors

++ About Career Fairs and Event Recruiters

++ Getting Your First Security Clearance

+++++ What Is A Security Clearance? A Quicky Wiki Explanation

+++++ 13 Things That Affect You Getting a Security Clearance

++ Join the Military to Start Your Career

++ Connection Points for Government Service

Education – From High School through Doctorate

++ Go to School. Go to the Right School!

++ Maryland Cyber-Technology Job Pathways Consortium

++ U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship

Specializations and Challenges 

++ JOBS / INTs / Intelligence Disciplines, Definitions and Career Opportunities

++ Your Market Value / Fish of the Day

++ Companies and Organizations that you should know about

++ Transition Challenges for Executives and Senior Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

++ Linguistic and Translator Careers – You NEED to be certified

Misc Advice and Jobs Search Strategies

++ Coming soon!

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