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We will be glad to share your resume with a wide range of Program Managers and Recruiters working in the IC and defense industry.

We believe that the best format is a sanitized, extremely short version that opaques your identity and highlights your current skillset.

This approach enables us to share your resume with the widest audience of potential employers.

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STEP #1 / Create a Hot Resume

Send us a brief dataset for each category below — we need only four pieces of information.


Education/Certifications: BA, MA, MCSE, CISSP, Defense Language Institute (DLI), 352C

There is no need to give the type of degree, year or school name. A military AFSC/MOS/NEC or certification also qualifies as formal education.

Clearance: Top Secret SCI with Polygraph

When in doubt ‘with Polygraph’ works just fine. Yes, recruiters will want to know specifically what kind. However, there are some official resume reviewers that may have told you to take out any reference to a polygraph. If so, consider: ‘… with national level access’. If a recruiter has a job that requires a polygraph then they will often overlook a resume that does not indicate having one. If you have a polygraph then you need to say something to enhance your marketability.

Skillset: 10+ years of national agency and law enforcement experience with significant overseas and downrange operational hands-on time. Mandarin Chinese language, intermediate level; DLTP 3/3. Former Army MI specialist: 352C.

Try to keep this to 100 words or less. You are trying to point your important current skillsets and scale/scope of experience that you bring to the table. Technology types, certifications and systems names should go here. Brief and keyword-rich is good!

Desired Locations: Will go downrange. Would prefer Texas or Southern California.

Kinda self-explanatory. Not many words needed.

EXAMPLE / What a Recruiter Actually Sees


STEP #2 / Send us your info and full resume

Externally and publicy, we will share the abbreviated oblique resume from above with a wide range of defense industry recruiters. They WILL NOT receive your contact info or your resume — instead they will contact you through us. It will be your decision to respond back to them.

Internally, we will share your full resume with trusted employers that directly use our service to find Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Send the abbreviated and full resume to us at

FYI / How we share your resume

We will share your abbreviated, opaque HOT RESUME in some social media, in online forums or within emails to HR, Recruiters and Program Management staffers that may be looking for you.

We do not provide your contact information, location, or answer any questions about your resume. We ask the contact to send a contact email to us which we will provide to you. The only direct contact will be by you.

EXCEPTION: Your full resume goes into our resume database. Vetted HR, Recruiters and Program Management staff that use the Resume Database (RDB) system will have access to your full resume. If you want an anonymous resume entered into our resume database then we have a recommended format for that.

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