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Services FAQ - We Search The World

Customer Service

You can always reach us at or, whichever is easier to remember.

All emails go to Robin, our Senior Customer Service Rep since 2000, or to Bill (with us since 1997) when Robin is unavailable.

Robin gives better answers.

Payment — We use PayPal Business to process all credit cards. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment method. You are also welcome to contact us and we will take your information over the phone.

Payment for Search Assist services are due within 30 days (Net 30).

What is Search Assist?

>>> Search Assist is candidate sourcing. Send us five (5) jobs monthly and we go looking for candidates that match your requirements of location, skill, certification, security clearance and experience.

Search Assist Candidates 

??? When I get a Search Assist resume, is that coming just from the regular resume database?

>>> No. Sometimes. Most often not. We go to career fairs, have multiple newsletters, support a very robust social media presence, present seminars, and make use of our partner ‘Headhunter Lite‘ service: ICCONX — Intelligence Community Connections.

How Many Candidates Will I Get?

??? How many resumes should I expect to get from your service if I give you five (5) jobs?

>>> It depends. We will parse your jobs for several things: skill level, education, security clearance, location and actual skill requirements. Based upon supply-and-demand, we will send you all the candidates that we find AND that express interest in your position.

>>> We do confirm with candidates that they would be interested in your position before sending you their resume.

>>> For some jobs, you may receive no resumes from us. Unemployment is incredibly low, some jobs overspecify requirements, and in some markets the skills you want just do not exist.

Difference Between and

??? Why are two separate names used?

>>> MANY people with security clearances do not identify with the word ‘intelligence’.

>>> MANY recruiters do not identify the kinds of candidates they are seeking with the word ‘intelligence’.

>>> We also have a few more websites, blogs and social media names that we use to reach out to candidates:,,, and — whatever it takes to attract and to connect with candidates. All of the website indicate that they are part of

Difference Between Search Assist and ICCONX?

>>> Search Assist is fixed fee ($599/month) for a fixed period of 1+ month. We source relevant resumes for you using our various resources. We also include a traditional jobbboard service as an additional feature. The total monthly cost is less than using a traditional jobboard.

>>> ICCONX is a fee-for-hire service that costs considerably more. You pay us nothing unless a hire is made. We call it ‘headhunter lite’ because our fees are a fraction of what a headhunter would charge, AND we do not warranty candidates. Once you make a hire, those candidates are now your employees to cherish and to take good care of. No refund of fees if you or they terminate employment.

We want you back as a repeat customer. We will give it our best effort! We have been at this since 1999 (actually since 1997 but under a different name than from 1997-mid 1999).